Top Cocktails For Casino Lovers

Popular Cocktails For Gamblers
Vesper Martini: This is an ideal drink for all James Bond fans. This drink is shaken and not stirred and is very easy to prepare. The drink gained its popularity after it was mentioned in the book ‘Casino Royale’. The ingredients involve a 30ml shot of vodka, half a shot or 15ml of Vermouth and 3 measures of Gin. All three elements are hard shaken with ice cubes and finished off with a few drops of lemon.

Screwdriver: This drink has a fruity note to it and consists of vodka, orange juice. Several variations can be made to the drink such as adjusting the liquor level or adding other citrus notes to it. This drink originated from the mid-20s when the US oil workers at the Persian Gulf wanted a taste of some liquor and secreted infused vodka in their orange juice. As they did not have a stirrer, they used screwdrivers to mix the drink and the name has been derived from there.

Pina Colada: The invention of think was in Puerto Rico. It is one of the classic cocktails to order while gambling. The original composition involves 1 part white rum, 1 part of coconut cream and 3 parts of pineapple juice mixed together and served in a hurricane glass. At times, the glass is decorated with a pineapple wedge or maraschino cherry and coconut milk is added instead of coconut cream due to availability issues. The punters get tropical vibes while spinning the machines which adds to the delightful experience.

Jägermeister: It is a German drink that involves strong flavours. 56 types of herbs are used in the preparation of the drink and reflect German customs and traditions. The main element of the drink is beer and too much of it can definitely make one feel dizzy.

Poker Face: This is a light and refreshing cocktail for all the punters. It is an ideal summer drink and is made with 2 shots or 60ml of tequila, 3 shots or 90ml of pineapple juice and a shot of triple sec. Lemon is added and stirred. This drink is served in a highball glass and garnished with a mini umbrella or fruits.

Bloody Mary: This is a popular cocktail among punters who seem to have gone overboard with their drinks. This cocktail acts as a cure to hangovers and is a 100-year-old recipe. The composition involves 3 parts of vodka, 6 parts of tomato juice, 3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, tabasco sauce topped with celery and ice cubes. This cocktail is served in a highball glass as well.

Margarita: This drink is an infusion of the world-famous Mexican Spirit and is prepared by mixing 10 parts of tequila, 4 parts of triple sec and 3 parts of lime juice shaken or blended with ice. It is served in its own Margarita glass and is a strong drink for all gamblers.

Last Chance: This is a finishing drink at a casino or at the end of one’s gambling experience. The drink is extremely refreshing to conclude a gambler’s thoughts for the night. The ingredients are two parts of vodka, one part of triple sec and 4 parts of orange juice mixed together.