Hilarious Stories About Online Casinos

Gambling stories can range from hilarious to outright heartbreaking. While some people play online games for wins and a good time, others have turned it into a way to earn a living, and sometimes things take a turn for the worst. They end up in gambling addiction, which, like any other, takes years to fight. Some never really recover, and even worse, there have been cases of suicide due to overwhelming debt from the addiction.

Here are some funny online casino stories that will either make you happy or sad.

Win then Lose in Minutes

Naomi from Nebraska, USA, was quite lucky to win a huge amount in 2016 at the slot machines. She noticed multiple bonus offers available to her when she opened an account at an online casino, and so she took advantage of the free money. While playing one of the slots allowed for wagering, she hit the jackpot, winning 12000 coins. Overjoyed, she tried pulling out so she could check out, but it turns out she needed to play some more to meet all the requirements. After a few spins, Naomi lost every coin she had made through the jackpot. One minute she was crying with joy, and the next, despair.

Some People are Just Lucky

The story of two British lads: Josh and Nick. Josh is the online gambling expert who knows all the ropes in bonus hunting, while Nick sneers at online gaming as he prefers land-based games. So, on this day in 2017, Josh is trying to convince his friend to check out bonuses. He starts playing and loses about 500 pounds before giving up. Nick who was not in the least bit that interested, picks it up and starts playing for the first time online. He even scores a few bonuses being his first time. Luck locates him because, only a few hours after creating his first gambling account online, Nick wins a handsome $7000, thanks in part to deposit bonuses. What are the odds?

Too Young, Little Wizard

Now, casinos insist on players meeting the lower age limit, which in almost every legit casino is 18. This 8-year-old boy must have missed the memo in this case. His interactions with the internet started when he was only five, and by the age of eight, he was messing around his uncle’s poker account. One day during his playful interactions, this little poker wizard hit a major jackpot; $500,000. The casino couldn’t pay this maximum payout based on the one thing that was obvious to be on his way; the age limit. His account was closed, too, and the court could not help.

In his defense, the boy’s parents insisted that the casino knew the player’s age since they had made some payments in his name through PayPal, but that too didn’t hold water. Well, we hope luck follows him when he finally gains the required age limit to gamble.

Not all Fun and Games

What are the funniest online casino stories you have heard? Oh, there’s this one of Ashley Williams who started a game of roulette out of boredom while on the train. It was his lucky day as he won $10,000. As he was getting off at his destination, a pickpocket stole his phone. Williams got home and immediately logged into his account to continue the game from his laptop, and to his dismay, the con artist had continued gambling on his behalf. How did he do? He’d lost $9,800 in consecutive games. Luckily, Williams was able to lock the account and spare the last installment of $200. Still, what a waste!