5 funniest casino stories

We go to casinos to make some money and have a good time but everybody has at least one story that resembles the Hangover in Vegas in a way. If you are a player then you know that gambling stories are much like hunting stories, always exaggerated with tales of spectacular winnings or losses. However, some interesting stories have funny flicks because they are true or documented in a way as a part of casino folklore. Some people are just lucky or unlucky, some are not afraid to risk it all while some are even prepared to cheat casinos in order to win. Their efforts write interesting accounts of what goes on in casinos all over the world and how player’s destinies can take an interesting turn.

  1. Phil Ivey’s Borgata Case
    He is one of the best poker players in history but even the best pros sometimes think they are smarter than a casino. Many interesting stories are featuring Mr. Ivey, but this one took some bad turn when he tried using edge sorting in a high-stakes game of baccarat. Needless to say, he made millions in the process but was eventually caught and stripped of his winnings. What is hilarious in this story is that he used his VIP status to impose certain conditions during his game like choosing his own dealer. He even requested one specific card deck for which he knew was flawed and gave him an edge over the casino.
  2. William Bergstrom Crap Game
    This guy was looking for a fast payout and he risked everything he had, including the money that he borrowed by placing everything on one single crap bet. He was successful initially, but later on, he lost most of his winnings trying to replicate his early success or he was just addicted to that excitement of winning. If he was alive today, Wiliam would be playing in one of the TOP 5 fast payout casinos for sure, because this guy just loved fast money. Rather than enjoying the perks of a fast payout casino, he lost most of his cash in a series of bets that didn’t make any sense. Perhaps some folks are just not made for professional gambling after all, and Wiliam was one of them.
  3. Stu Ungar Rummy Game
    If you know anything about Mr. Ungar, that would be not to play gin rummy with him under any circumstances. Although he was a poker genius, he was an even better rummy player and he made millions by beating the unsuspected players. One of his casino stories says that he deliberately lost a lot of cash against some high roller and then casually invited him to a game of rummy. He then took every penny from an unsuspecting player who thought that any bad poker player cannot be any good at gin rummy. The moral regarding this story is not to engage any player before meticulously checking his background.
  4. Brian Zembic Breasts Implants
    This is one of those funny casino stories
  5. Mrs.Valenzuela Gets Deported
    When Mirna Valenzuela won a jackpot at Del Sol casino in Tuscon, she was the happiest Mexican woman alive, but her happiness was short-lived. When casino officials asked her to provide some ID she failed to do so, because as an illegal immigrant she didn’t have any. She was deported soon afterward without receiving her winnings, which served as a lesson for anyone not to gamble if entering the country illegally. The woman was complaining a lot, but the immigration law was clear and unapologetic. Remember this story if you ever got some craving for gambling while being in any country illegally.

There are many other funny casino stories that deserve to be told and most of them remain anonymous. Players win or lose large sums of cash every day, while cheaters try to hustle and beat casinos by edge sorting or card counting. It is all a part of that casino allure and mystic that keeps us coming back for more and enjoy our favorite games.